Find all your storage needs with Parker Transfer & Storage. We will store anything you can dish out like...

  • Furniture
  • TV's
  • Records
  • Freights
  • Clothing

And much more! All in a controlled, fully insured, environment for the security of your belongings.

Sioux Falls Storage 

If your looking for storage at a convenient location with superior service look no further.

Our facilities will provide you with a safe and secure place to store any belongings. Whether your storing items to move or just need some extra space for all those holiday decorations. Our Sioux Falls storage is the place for you! 

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We are a committed company that will care for your items as if they were our own, letting you feel at ease.



Do you have items that need to be crated and shipped or do you need a dock to deliver items to? Then we can help, Parker will ship, receive and inspect any items that you do not want delivered directly to your home.



Parker will organize your paper records and catalogue them for easy retrieval. We can also set up destruction schedules, daily or weekly pickup and shredding schedules.



Our Sioux Falls storage facility is climate-controlled, sprinklered and fully insured for the security of your furniture, paper records and freight. Reserve your storage unit today!

Parker Transfer will store almost anything you need from paper records and freights all the way down to storing your furniture for you.

Contact us today for professional storage solutions! 

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